Allow me to introduce myself



I am owner and floral designer, Vicki Weed (yes, that's my real name).  

With the help of my amazing family, my magical assistants Theresa, Kitty, and Jess, we have created unforgettable events for our clients.

I have a background in design and I take every chance I can to practice my art.  I will do what is needed to create a unique and memorable event for you.  Most importantly, none of it will break your budget! 

Please contact me right away so we can talk specifics.  Have I mentioned that we book really early?

From the smallest of details to the grandest of plans, we will be there!

Follow me on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest to learn more about my design-obsessed mind.  

I'm always thinking about, seeking, and improving on unique ideas for my clients.


Introducing our newest assistant Finn

Finn has some big shoes to fill, slowly but surely he learning each and everyday. Now if only he would learn how to pull a wagon to make flower deliveries.


We lost our beloved Parker on July 13, 2018

He will be forever in our minds as we stroll through the rest of our lives without him. We have so many amazing memories of him over the years we were lucky enough to have him. We adopted him at 2 years old, hoping we would get 8 or 9 years to love him. He blessed us with 15 amazing years of fun and laughter. He inspected every bucket, bouquet and centerpiece that we created. He is missed every single day.

God speed Parker.